Happy 2013!

So the writing a post every day in November thing didn’t really work out. But the Jerkbrain explosion (that I hadn’t been in denial about slowly building up to- no not me, not at all) actually happened. If I’d somehow found the energy, a post would have probably looked like the blank pages in New moon.

But New Year, new meds, new therapist and several rather painful self-realisations later, I’m feeling ready to join the “real world” again. So I present to you my goals list for 2013.

  1. Find a fitness podcast/ do 1x a week
  2. Meditate 2x  a week
  3. Get 70% in First OU module
  4. Complete Beginners Spanish
  5. Get 3 more clients
  6. Do 1 piece of freelance work a month
  7. Write one blog post a fortnight
  8. Learn 100 new words
  9. Finish first draft of Protected
  10. Write 300,000 words altogether
  11. Learn 5 songs on the harmonica
  12. Find a new hobby
  13. Take a poetry class
  14. Sort all drawers
  15. Write a to do list every day
  16. Get all DP paperwork in on time
  17. Back up important documents every Friday
  18. Move Out
  19. Organise Captain Awkward Meetup in Bristol
  20. Join a forum/discussion group; meet new people
  21. Read 70 books this year, do reviews

I might blog about some of these things from time to time when I run out of ideas, but mostly I put them up here because being accountable to someone, even the pixels on a computer screen, might make my motivation last beyond mid-February.

Otherwise I’m working on posts about disability and expectations and whether there is such a thing as a Feminist romance novel.

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