About Me


I attempt to write poems about things, they are awful
I lose hours on the internet, blindly pressing stumble
I can play half a song on the harmonica
And quote my favourite films in my sleep

I wrestle my curls into submission daily
And eat far more junk food than I should
I like to drink tea and daydream grandly
Of the person I could be, the adventures I could have.

Sarcastic? Me? You don’t say
I sit here on my wheelchair throne and make wheely awful puns
I like to talk to interesting people about what might happen during a zombie apocalypse,
Or what superpowers I might have if I got into a suitably tragic accident.

I read because I hope to find truth in others words
I write because I hope to find my voice
I sing because the world is beautiful
I sing because the world is ugly.

I teach because I believe everyone deserves to learn
I learn because everyone has something to teach
I volunteer because time is valuable
I am learning to speak because we need to fight.

Fight not with violence, but compassion
And the fervent belief that everyone deserves basic rights
And to have love, peace and respect, to find comfort in their own skin
Let’s make the world the place it needs to be


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